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Why “Amber Glory” ? February 13, 2007

One of my favorite Scriptures in the Bible has always been Habakkuk 2:14, “For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.” In Ezekiel, amber is a color he uses to describe the Glory of the Lord. Since Amber is my name, and the glory of God is what I live to show the world, it just fits. Yeah, the name sounds kind of cheesy for a website, but it works.


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Why “Beautiful” as the song and album title?

Mankind is beautiful. That’s not the first thing you think of if you’ve had bad experiences, witnessed tragedies or even when you think of yourself. Fact is, we’re not that pretty. People try to say that “no matter what we are, who we are or what we’ve done… that’s ok.” Well, it’s not ok, honestly. So, why would I write a song about everyone being beautiful?

I was I meditating on how God views people and started seeing things differently. I started seeing things from this standpoint: If I were to walk up to Jesus himself, I would think he is beautiful. He’s perfect, he shines, he is love itself, etc. It doesn’t get any more beautiful than that. There’s a verse in the Bible where he says, “if you’ve done it to the least of these, you’ve done it unto me.” This implies that how I treat others is how I treat him. So, if I do a good deed for someone, then it is the same as doing it unto Jesus. In that very moment, no matter what the person looks like, he or she becomes beautiful. “I see you in them. It’s like looking right into your face. I bless you as I bless them, giving them love and grace.” When I choose to see Jesus in every person, they are beautiful. Simple, really.


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