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WHO IS GOD, ANYWAY? December 1, 2009

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I received a copy of “The Shack”. I was told it is a good Christian novel. Since it had been so long since I’d read a novel, I thought I’d give it a shot. Ever since, I’ve wanted to write my thoughts on this controversial book. But I could never make up my mind if I should be diplomatic or go with my gut and spill political incorrectness!

If you read the book and liked it, please do not be offended by this post. Rather, I encourage you to return to your foundation (if you are a Christian) of why you believe what you do about God. If “The Shack” were truly SOLELY a fiction novel, fine. Unfortunately, many are using it as an allegory of the Trinity and as a source for theological explanation of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

Who is God, anyway? What does the BIBLE say?
Or do I just believe whatever makes me feel better?

Here’s a very short video from one of my theological heroes of today. He doesn’t mention every point needing addressing (such as God becoming human through Jesus (not in the Biblical sense); Jesus using all religions to lead people to the Father, etc.), but definitely the most important.

…. my thoughts to inspire yours …


Stinky Feet & Head Cheese August 21, 2009

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I’m changing up my blog a bit. There have been a lot of changes in the last year, I’ve had to focus on other stuff for a while, and now, I’m back. For now, I’ll continue to use WordPress as my blog host and link Vlogs to You Tube. I’m also in the process of creating a German/English blog/vlog called “SPARKS”.

There are so many things I encounter on a daily basis to which I wish I had the answer in the moment. Know that feeling? Brandon & I often have the most awesome conversations (I’m not ashamed of saying that 🙂 ). And later, I wish I had recorded it. So, for both reasons, I will be carrying a video camera around with me just about everywhere. I want to capture the moment, the momentum, and the “revelation” and share it with you – A SPARK… JUST TO GET YOU THINKING… and hopefully doing.

Here’s my first attempt at “vlogging” (not flogging) – unedited, which is how I’d like to keep it – just plain real (even though I don’t like the way I look on camera).



What’s it like to be a missionary? July 28, 2007

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I’m sure every missionary would give a different answer to that question. It all depends on where they’re from, which paradigms they have, how they view life, which denomination they’re out of, what their role is, and the list goes on. As for my husband and me…. we pioneer, create something out of nothing…. and we started in a way in which most don’t have to, nor would I advise anyone to, unless they knew beyond a shadow of a doubt it was the way for them. After paying our last bills in the States and without any promise of support, we left with $200 to our name.

We have to be extremely self-motivated, because if anything’s going to happen, it will be because we made it happen. I think, one of the weirdest part for me is learning not to worry about what others think about us. They don’t seem to understand the decisions we make – why we move where we do and do things the way we do. My only answer to all of the above would be CONVICTION. Besides the Lord Himself, souls are the most important factor in it all. If I didn’t believe that what we are doing is HIS WILL for us, then I’d be working for some interior decorating company, joining a band, and driving a sports car (well, maybe a honkin pick up) and being a witness through all of that.

Let’s see… we have left friends, family, possessions, and last but not least, a consistent income. I’m sure you’ve heard that marital problems are often linked to financial stress. I would be lying through my teeth if I said Brandon and I haven’t been challenged in this area. And, baby, let me tell you right off the bat, that just because you’re struggling financially as a missionary does not mean you are out of the will of God. Far from it. (hello, look at Paul. he’s just one example). We don’t have permission to work or start a business here. We are not eligible for any government assistance. Working overtime doesn’t produce any extra income. We are completely and solely dependent on freewill offerings.

When we tell people what we do and that we need their money, they really just have to trust us blindly, because we’re not in Africa with pictures of babies with swollen bellies to show. Although we do help the poor and needy, most of our work is spiritual – you know, the side that makes sure their eternity is in tact. Honestly, I’m not surprised when people don’t jump up and scream “I believe in you! I want to give you whatever I can!” So, when people sow into our ministry, I am humbled, blessed, and extremely thankful. It’s one more person telling me that God is for me.

You see, getting people saved, healed and delivered is the EASY part of missions. The hard part is gritting your teeth and saying, “God, I trust you. Lord, you are my provider. Help me to do what I need to do, and I trust you to do your part.” over and over and over again. Bottom line: As a missionary, you have to be determined to stick it out through the good and the bad – like a marriage. If anyone really knew our financial situation, they would gasp and not believe we’ve been all over the place and ministered to thousands upon thousands. Because in the natural, it’s just been impossible.

Only by the grace of God. He enables us. He strengthens us. He is our Hope, Future and Promise. When I was about 14, a lady was praying for me and held me in her arms and wept as she kept repeating these words: “It doesn’t cost. It pays! It doesn’t cost. It pays!” I have come to find out that well, it does cost something – family, friends, things you hold dear, and unpleasantries, but what the Lord was telling me through that was that the reward in the end far outweighs anything I could ever keep holding onto. Besides, the longer we stick it out, the better it gets. Of course, nothing compares to the joy of seeing people healed of cancer, come into the Kingdom of God, be set free from depression, get a job which the Lord provides, etc. etc. etc. – in places where most have no idea of who Jesus is. When the late Lester Sumrall (a preacher) was asked how he made it as far as he did, his answer was simply, “I didn’t quit.”

He that loses his life for my sake will find it. There you have it.

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Finding Happiness….

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Trying On Other People’s Shoes May 4, 2007

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… not that I recommend wearing 30yr old vintage shoes found on ebay – that’s gross if you ask me! (but I wouldn’t put someone down if they digg that sort of thing. Fact is, I know someone who does. I’ll call him George, to protect his true identity!)
However, if I were desperate enough, due to my own shoes having a hole in them and having to rough it thru the snow in freezing temps, I wouldn’t hesitate to accept someone’s old, stinky shoes without holes.

Have I truly loved, or was my love tainted with prejudice? Am I able to give myself (my time, energy, and sacrifice my own desires) for the sake of love – or do I give myself out of a sense of duty? Certainly not to those who don’t deserve it. Criminals, for instance. “If anyone does not deserve my love, it is them. How could they possibly do and be what they are? How could they??!! I would never do anything like that!” – know anyone who has said things like that?

Taking politics and law out of the equation for a moment, how do I feel toward the lawless? If murdering someone, even only one person, makes you a murderer, where does that leave me? I’m a liar, a thief and an idolator, to mention only a few things.

What if I had been born into a seriously dysfunctional family in the back woods somewhere and had never witnessed love, compassion or truth in action. I sure didn’t have anything to do with where I was born. How would I have turned out under different circumstances? TRY ON OTHERS’ SHOES FOR SIZE.

Suddenly, I realize that I’m no different than anyone else. Gratitude then fills my heart to overflowing in recognition of the grace bestowed upon me. Without God we are nothing. The agnostic, atheist, criminal, priest, or any saint wouldn’t have a breath left in them if God were not permitting it.

As long as I can remember, I desired to do the ‘right thing’ – turn the other cheek, not require in return what was stolen from me, take time with someone I really didn’t care to be around. Honorable, huh? Actually, I did many right things out of pride! I was afraid of getting caught, afraid of having to pay the consequences, and afraid of losing my status as someone who’s got it all together. More often than less, I did right things out of a sense of duty, instead out of pure love. This became apparent to me as I began putting myself in other people’s shoes. And suddenly, THE WALLS OF PREJUDICE FELL.

Honestly, how often do we have a feeling of ‘Schadenfreude’ when someone gets what’s coming to them. “That’s what they get for worshiping cows!” Put yourself in their shoes – Without truth, Without Jesus, Without, Without, Without.

Solely based on our standing before the Creator – What are we moved by? RELIGION? LOVE? DUTY? SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS?

“How could anyone make a deliberate decision to be homeless and live on the streets, begging for their very existence?” I see it all the time here in Europe. Having thought this many times, I finally tried on their shoes. I’m no different than they are. Love won me over.

1 Jn 4 & 5 – First we were loved, now we love. He loved us first. If anyone boasts ‘I love God’ and goes right on hating his brother or sister, he is a liar. If he won’t love the person he can see, how can he love the God he can’t see? – Christ gave His life for the sinner, not the righteous. If it weren’t for Him first loving us, where would we be?

Now I find myself ‘doing right’ because I love, not because ‘it’s the right thing to do’. Talk about a different kind of life! Rules and regulations cause rebellion to rise up (they’re still needed anyway, because we’re all too selfish to be trusted! – just watch Battlestar Galactica – ha!), but LOVE creates a joy and a sense of honor that is incomparable.

I’m not writing this to just expose myself, but rather in hopes that you too will find yourself in here somewhere. And, to whatever degree needed, seek the Father’s love to be revealed to you. I could never fully express the difference it will make in your relationship to Him and to others.

We must all remember that our shoes aren’t any less stinky than someone else’s. It’s God’s love and grace that save, not our own righteousness.