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Butterfly Tatoos December 17, 2007

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iwashere2.jpgWe made it home safe and sound. Still jet-lagging like crazy!

Since our round-trip flight was London to L.A. and back, we had to fly back to L.A. to get home. So, we thought we might as well take advantage of that and see Hollywood. Although we were somewhat “underwhelmed” with the overall look of L.A., we had a great time.


I had one wish – just one. I thought it would be great to see Katharine von Drachenberg, a.k.a. Kat von D from L.A. Ink – one of the greatest tatoo artists around. (Her dad is a German, born in Argentina and ex-missionary to Mexico). Come to find out, her parlor was just a couple of blocks away from where we were staying at the Backpacker Hotel. Since they constantly get bombarded with tourists wanting their picture taken, we decided to play it cool and stay outside and keep the excitement amongst ourselves. To prove I was there, however, notice the exquisite tatoo Brandon blessed me with. Sorry to dissapoint anyone, but we didn’t get a real tatoo.

When seeing her at the shopping center the next day, I just sat a few feet away and stared at her – like some teenager infatuated with a celebrity. I cracked myself up!

This was, of course, just one hightlight of our trip. If we got to see YOU, that was just as much a highlight.


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