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How Rich or Poor Are You? October 1, 2007

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I found this website recently and thought I’d share it with you. Just click below and find out some very interesting facts about yourself.

Click Here…If I could just get some more money….


Have a great day today!

“…in all things give thanks”


2 Responses to “How Rich or Poor Are You?”

  1. Joe Pagel Says:

    hi Amber-howare you? sounds like you’re about the FATHER’S business. Joe & I are at a fire & glory conference in appleton, wi. It’s a Toronto experience right here in our neighborood! boB JONES,

  2. Joe Pagel Says:

    ooPS- i’M on Joe’s laptop- whole new experience-didn’t mean to send the last letter so soon. Continued..Bob Jones, Joshua Mills, David Herzog, Jeff Janssen. In Feb Patricia King will be here. It’s been good, but tiring. Are you guys going to Toronto in Nov? I think you mentioned it when you were here? We have Pastor Javiar Chevez from Lima Peru and 2 other pastors traveling with him staying at our house next week for a few days. We’re so excited. We plan on having them at our house for home fellowship like we did when you were here and also at some local churches. Please pray for all of this- we believe lives will be impacted in this area, Hope this finds you well and prosperous. We continue to pray for you. Love, jessie

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