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Great News – Answer to Prayers August 15, 2007

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For those of you praying for Bruce’s daughters, I just received some good news…

“Hi Amber, God is Good…I just wanted to give you an update on my daughter Kimberly who had the heart problem, She went for her 2nd heart surgery was successful today (Tuesday), all the holes are closed up now and everybody is happy and Kimberly is recuperating at the hospital and will be home tomorrow night…Praise God the Father for guiding their hands & tools to make her better than she was before.
love & peace,

This is what we’ve been praying for, and God answered our prayers. He is faithful!


One Response to “Great News – Answer to Prayers”

  1. kerrybbeyer Says:

    Hi Amber, you always always make me laugh! You are so funny, you change your look every single time I see you. You are very interesting to see all the changes in your physical appearance. Anyway. I am writing with an update. I am seeking God about “His plan,” to exactly write the bible stories for little kids. I am doing ok, seeking wisdom writing. Now, in my heart I believe that when these stories are published by my company(to be up and running about Nov/08, they will be available( I believe) next Sept. Ok, in my heart we will sow to missions, I want to offer these books to all the missionaries in their languages, so for you, German. I probably would need you to even help me translate it correctly. However, we will do dog stories, Sasha and Macgregor, and horse stories, Joshua and Bullet. then also bible stories.
    This would be a tool for your use. Also, to let you know the Lord gave me 8 worship songs since My King, and once I am copyrighted I can send them to you for your use. Any tools I can send to help you plus extra I will. Panoramic Vision Media will be a publishing company and video instruction on praise and worship teaching. I really believe this is all children. My Mom made plans and she will be coming next thursday for a visit for Easter.Yea!
    I am expecting more harvest, then I can bump up your support. God bless you and your husband. I was so blown away by the great phone call! Love you, kerryB

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