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Friends in Need of Prayer – Part III July 27, 2007

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Here’s the latest from Papa B:

“April my youngest is having a baby shower on the 11th of August & baby Jordan is doing great so far & August 22nd they will bring her into the world & do what needs to be done with April after the birth of Jordan…I’ll keep you posted on her.

 Our middle daughter Kimberly has to go back in and have the same procedure just like the last time for they found another Big hole in her heart & the blood is still flowing through it :o(
So she is going in for the operation on the 14th of August…we will be so happy when the Lord fixes everything :o)
god bless,
love & peace,

Thank you for praying for these dear people. I am expecting wisdom for the doctors and for a good report in the end. God’s grace, strength, and comfort is with them, and He will see them through to victory.

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