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In Memory of Boomer Bodacious Greene July 4, 2007

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Sad to say, our boy-cat Boomer passed away while we were in the States. Even though he was “just a cat”, he was very special to us. We bottle fed him as a baby. He was extremely picky, headstrong, persistent, and very loving at the same time. If he didn’t like you, he’d let you know it by peeing in your bag (sorry, Leslie!). He absolutely loved going for walks on the leash, and his favorite game was hide and seek.

I hope you enjoy this sweet video.


One Response to “In Memory of Boomer Bodacious Greene”

  1. Aunt Mary Says:

    Amber and Brandon, I am so sorry. I know how it feels to loose a pet. They are part of your family. Boomer was a beautiful cat and a blessing in your lives. Love Cliff and Mary P.S. What a tribute to Boomer.

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