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Friends in Need of Prayer – Part II May 4, 2007

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For those of you keeping up with how things are going for April, here’s the latest:

1. There is no need to do the laparoscopic surgery that had been suggested by the doctors

2. They are not going to biopsy the lymph nodes

3. The baby is fine and will be fine throughout the pregnancy

4. April is at risk regardless of what they do

5. The doctor said that they don’t know what this cancer will do or how quickly it will do it. It is a rare form of cancer.

6. April believes that through all the prayer she’s had over the weekend and other times recently the cancer is being healed. Please continue to pray for the healing to be completed and that both April and the baby will be fine throughout the whole pregnancy.

7. Update on 04/24/07 & 04/25/07—on the (24th) she to the O.B. and was infromed that he wants to see her every week for an ultrasound, because this is the only way to watch the baby progress do to the cancer…(25th) She had seen the Oncologist and he informed her that she needs to be seen monthly because hr can not do a biopsy at this time…and both doctors said to April & Jerrold that it is a FAITH thing, because of them not being able to do anything else.

Please continue to pray for healing grace and life to fill and sustain our friends! May you sense God’s delight in you as you pray for the needs of others! Your intercession and your hearts are gifts from God! – Papa B


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