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Attitude behind “Beautiful” March 6, 2007

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just a few words, the short version, on the attitude behind the album “beautiful”…

grew up with all kinds of fears, soul ties, and religious thinking (notice “religious”, not “biblical”). i had “strongholds” in my mind i just couldn’t get rid of. believed lies about myself. couldn’t be happy no matter how hard i tried. thought i would just snap one day. there’s so much junk. i was a “good girl”, but messed up inside. certain experiences in my life caused me to distrust everything that breathed. my spirit had been broken. i wore a mask. always pretending to be someone i wasn’t – at least in the “church world”. nobody knew. nobody.

one day, i told my hubby how i really felt about all the things inside myself and that i would be willing to do ANYTHING to be free. so, he prayed. that was the first night in years i slept without having a nightmare and i woke up without pain in my body. i felt as light as a feather. fears were gone suddenly. from claustrophobia, fear of heights, water, friendships, responsibility, … you name it. ok, so i’m still not too keen on picking up snakes and keeping spiders as pets. 🙂

this new freedom enabled me to enjoy the presence of jesus like never before, so i just spent a lot of time thanking him for it. and out of that time came most of the songs on this cd. the song “you restore” is pretty depictive of my thankfulness for HIS freedom. he made me new.

“broken to pieces. i’d fallen hard. wide-eyed and innocent. taken for a ride. promises unkept. memories, can’t forget. then, i looked to you. then you made me new. you restore.”


One Response to “Attitude behind “Beautiful””

  1. MamaBear Says:

    You’re still my favorite!

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